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Hi friends!

I was recently asked by Modcloth, yes that Modcloth, to participate in their Uniquely You campaign.  Uniquely You is a contest of sorts for fashion bloggers, where Modcloth sends out a different product each week for us to style, and we style it however we’d like through Polyvore.  Modcloth will pick their favorite look each week and post that blogger’s look to their page.  Pretty exciting, eh?

So this is my first go-around, so cut me some slack, but I’m pretty pleased with the final product.  This week, I was given a simple cobalt sheath dress.  In general, I’m not a blue and black person, so I had to infuse a bit of grey to make this look a little softer and more me.  It’s still quite chilly in the Midwest, so I went for a more winter-friendly ensemble complete with leather zipper ankle booties, a heavyweight sweater cardigan, and glam accessories.  Talk about sophisticated chic! 

lead by example
What do you think? I can definitely see myself wearing this to work or on a sunny weekend afternoon.  For more styling ideas, check out my new profile on Polyvore.

Until next time–



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