currently craving // camo

Happy Wednesday, friends!

I can’t believe it’s only Wednesday.  The past two weeks have just dragged and it hasn’t helped that I’ve been sick throughout.  Typically when I’m sick, I get over it after a day or two, but this go-around has been drawn out since I haven’t had the time to be sick.  I slept the entire afternoon and I feel quite a bit better.  It’s funny how much better you can feel after you just allow yourself to be sick.

This week I’ve been daydreaming about a slightly controversial fashion trend:  camo print.  In all honestly, I used to hate camo.  But in my defense, I did grow up in a small country town where the only camo worn was in the form of men’s baggy cargo pants.  No bueno.  Recently, I’ve been finding camo in small pieces to have that perfect amount of edge.  If styled with a girlier flare, say, with an ivory blouse or lace sheath dress, I think this military print can be highly versatile and extremely wearable.  I currently don’t own any camo, but I did do some digging on the basics to see what’s currently in the market.  Thankfully, there is quite a wide offering in a variety of price points.  I put together a little board on what I think the camo must-haves are for 2014 at both higher and lower price points, so you can easily get the look for less.

 Currently Craving: Camo

What do you think? Anyone think they might try their hand at this edgier trend?

Until next time–




Any thoughts?

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