beauty review: neutrogena concealer

Hey friends!

So it’s official; I’ve been being a real, genuine adult for just over two months now.  Spoiler alert: I still kind of suck at it.

I’ll keep this piece short, since we really want to get onto to the good stuff.  I will say that I’ve just been taking it day by day, trying to just push through until it starts to get better.  I’ve turned to online shopping, ice cream, and making inappropriate jokes with Kast to get through.  After a budget review of February, I realized that I can no longer turn to retail therapy for the relief I need, meaning A) Ben and Jerry’s needs more flavors or B) Kast and I need to branch our humor outside of “that’s what she saids”.  You know, it is what it is.  There are worse things that adjusting to adulthood.  Oh and by the way, “it is what it is” has become the official Kaylee tagline of 2014.  So much that I should consider changing the tagline for my blog to correspond: “Pleats and Pearls; It is what it is.”  I kind of like it.

So onto the review!  I’ve been trying to find a good concealer for as long as I can remember.  I believe I used to use something from Victoria’s Secret way back in the day, but it was discontinued.  I also can’t remember what it was called.  Figures.  Since, I’ve tried various iterations of concealers from various brands.  I’ve tried powder, concealing sticks, liquids– you name it.  I have never found that “wow” factor.  Some were great at blending in, others were light on the skin, and others lasted all day.  Most recently, I tried out Neutrogena’s SkinClearing Blemish Concealer.  After trying this one out for a few weeks, I’d still say I have yet to find that perfect, go-to, makes-me-look-flawless concealer that I really need, but, I am getting closer in my search.

Neutrogena SkinClearing Blemish Concealer



I’ve been on the hunt for a great concealer for quite some time now.  Everytime I go to Target, I go check out the makeup aisles, hoping something will jump out at me, and unfortunately, nothing has.  I brought Ali with a few weeks ago to get another opinion and she picked this particular concealer out for me, liking that it said “blemish concealer” in the name and that it also helps to treat blemishes.  I figured this wouldn’t be a bad route to go since Neutrogena specializes in skincare originally, I figured it couldn’t hurt to try.  Fortunately, it has worked out relatively well.  When rating a concealer, the things I’d look at are:

-How it matches my skin tone; how well it blends

-Does it completely cover all redness?

-How long does it last?  Does it wear well through the day?

-What is it doing to my skin?  Am I breaking out?  Is my skin outrageously dry?

-Do I need to wear a bb cream in conjunction with the concealer and the foundation?

I’ll make this easy and just go down the line.  First, blending and matching skin tone– I’d rate this pretty highly in that sense.  I bought the palest shade and it’s worked out pretty well.  Sometimes paler ladies can have issues with even the lightest shades looking on the orangey side.  This concealer fortunately matches very well and blends in nicely.  For covering redness, it does the job, but it could be better.  By the end of the day, my face isn’t looking quite as fresh and some of the redness shows through.  I’ve found that it wears best when I do wear the bb cream over the concealer and topped off with my mineral foundation.  I don’t necessarily have to and most days I go without the bb cream.  But when I need my face to look photo-ready or I’m expecting to see certain people that I may or may not have a crush on, then I go with the bb cream.  In terms of how it affects my skin, it surprisingly does not dry it out.  Although, I do use Olay lotion 2x a day, which may help my cause.  I have noticed that although it has not reduced size of blemishes, it does help reduce redness, which is always a plus.  I took pictures at each stage in the makeup process to give you an idea of how the concealer worked out.  Beware,  I’m looking a little on the rough side.  But that just goes to show that it is a pretty decent concealer.

photo 1


After applying the concealer.

After applying the concealer.

After concealer and bb cream.

After concealer and bb cream.



Pros:  Blends well, matches pale skin tones, a little bit goes a long way, doesn’t dry skin out, helps reduce redness.

Cons: Wears throughout the day showing redness after several hours and need to wear in conjunction with bb cream and foundation for a very flawless look.

What do you think?  It’s a decent concealer, but I think my search is still on.  Have any concealers you’ve been dying to try or would like to recommend?  Give me a shout below!

Until next time–




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