city in color.


Hello there!

Happy Friday! I don’t think I can fully express how happy I am that the weekend is finally here (or in another 8 hours or so!).  Work has been crazy busy and exciting, which has forced some tough decisions on me lately– such as: I only have one hour to work with before I go to bed; what do I do– Breaking Bad on Netflix or blog?  Sometimes my blog gets the short end of the stick when Aaron Paul is calling my name, but I could simply not wait any longer to share a really cool fashion fix Ali and I shot recently.  It started with a punch of spring neons on top of more neons and ended with an insanely cool wall in East Madison, which, coincidently, matched my outfit perfectly.  I do have to give Ali credit for the wall idea.  She googled graffiti walls in Madison all day and we drove around until we found this specific one.  What a trooper that girl is.

If you haven’t noticed lately, or don’t follow frequently, my style has gotten insanely preppy since I started my life at Lands’ End last summer as an intern.  Like so preppy that the high school Kaylee would be making fun of me so much right now.  I mean, I’ve popped my collar 3 of the 5 days this week.  You know, it is what it is.  I’m okay with bringing out my weekend-in-the-Hamptons-Kaylee when the mood strikes (which, forewarning, will be a lot this spring).  For this absolutely gorgeous day, Ali and I ran errands, had lunch at Panera, and went down to the Terrace for ice cream, among other things.  It started to actually feel like summer was approaching, which is more exciting than anything else.  I felt especially prepared for the season with my neon attire layered over a cool, neutral shirtdress.  And, as usual, I couldn’t decide on one pop color, so I went for all of the pop colors.

Also, whoever can figure out what the wall says first gets the prize.








Target Sweater | Lands’ End Canvas Shirt Dress | TOMS + Jonathan Adler Sandals | BCBG Hinged Wrap Bracelet | Target Belt | Target Crossbody Bag

What color are you most excited about for this spring?  I clearly can’t pick just one!

Until next time–



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