wear to work: casual friday.


Good morning fashion-lovers!  Happy Friday!

Fridays are seriously the best. The first day of the weekend with two whole mornings to sleep in ahead of you.  Knowing when you leave work that you have the next two and a half days to your self to do whatever you want– even when it happens to be just lying on your couch watching Netflix for ten hours at a time.  I don’t need to tell you this though, because you already know.

But one of the other great things about Fridays is the unspoken (or sometimes explicitly stated) rule that Fridays are the day of casual dress.  At Lands’ End, it’s casual attire all days of the week.  It’s great because there aren’t any written rules, so I really can wear whatever I want.  Some days I’ll wear a dress and booties, but the next day I can stroll in wearing some slouchy jeans and a tee shirt.  It’s pretty perfect.  But, I’m totally aware that I’m in a unique situation and most places of work have stricter dress codes.  My fantastic friend Ali, for example, is a teacher and has to follow a certain dress code.  But, on Fridays they do get an actual “Casual Friday.”  I know some definitely struggle with the concept.  You want to wear more comfortable and casual clothing, but you still want to be professional.  Even more so, you want to be stylish.  It can be tough meeting all the above.  But luckily, Ali volunteered to join me in the second installment in my Wear to Work series centered around Casual Friday attire.

The trick to professionally and stylishly mastering Casual Fridays is to mix your wardrobe.  What I mean by this is wearing one piece that’s more on the professional side, and one that’s more on the casual side.  For example, you could still wear your button-down blouse, but pair it with some dark rinse jeans.  Try your classic chino with a casual chambray top.  You can even go with the nice t-shirt route as long as you don’t wear denim on the bottom.  Then, use your accessories to your advantage.  If you’re feeling too casual, throw on a statement necklace to jazz it up a bit.  If you’re feeling too formal, wear casual flats, or if you’re like me, throw on your Vans, for an edgy-casual look.  No matter how you pair it, remember to stick with pieces from each end of the spectrum and mix and match away!

Ali and I wore the casual work attire in two different ways.  She went for a dressy-tee paired with skinny chinos and some easy sandals.  I dressed up my chambray top with broken in chinos, wedges, and a pop color necklace.











On Kaylee:

Target Chambray Shirt (similar) | Gap Broken In Chinos | Target Wedges | Francesca’s Necklace | Sequin Bangle | Lauren Conrad Arrow Ring

On Ali:

J. Crew Pattern Block Tee (similar) | Gap Skinny Khakis | Lauren Conrad Bracelet Set | Gap Sandals (similar)

How do you do Casual Friday?

Until next time–



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