the blues.


Happy Thursday! The weekend is edging closer and I, for one, am quite excited.  My older sister, Mallory, is graduating with her Masters on Friday back in Iowa.  I’m leaving work a little early so I can make it for the ceremony.  I’m mostly excited to see my whole family though! It doesn’t happen as often as I’d like now that I live in a different state, but I’m pretty lucky I get to see them on a semi-regular basis.

On a recent particularly gorgeous spring day, Ali and I spent the afternoon doing what we do best: eating Panera and shopping.  We made the weekly pitstop at J.Crew and a dress and a graphic tee later, I decided that I probably need to cut back on my shopping.  It’s no new news– I’ve been thinking about this for awhile.  Ever since I graduated, I’ve formed somewhat of a “must have” list for myself, including mostly pricier items I’d been wanting for years, but couldn’t afford in college.  On this list were my new Ray Bans, white tennies, railroad stripe denim, etc.  The last two items on my “must have” list were a graphic tee and a dress for my friend’s wedding.  I managed to knock those both out in one trip and decided that it’s time for a change and I need to take a break from shopping.  Because really, I have everything I need and more, and now, I have everything I’ve been wanting as well.  Plus, I’ve built up somewhat of a kick-ass wardrobe that I want to show off.  So for the next two months, I’ll be working with things I already own.  I’m not concerned, as mixing and matching things in new, unexpected ways is my forte.

After the last shop (my personal “last supper”), Ali, Kast and I went down to the terrace (again) for dinner and ice cream.  I took advantage of the sunshine and perfect amount of breeze and went for an easy, all-over denim ensemble complete with those new white Vans I’d been wanting and a pink pop lip.








J. Crew Bleached Out Chambray Top | Gap Always Skinny Jeans | Vans Lo Pro Tennis Shoes | Ray Ban Clubmasters | Target Crossbody | American Eagle Leather Bracelet | Target Ring

So my official no-shopping quest began over the weekend.  My end date is July 4th, since that is the day my family leaves for our vacation in Colorado and I’d like the option to get souvenirs.  I’m pretty confident I can do this, especially since my mom laughed when I said I was doing it and said “raise your hand if you believe Kaylee” – spoiler alert: no hands were raised.  If you haven’t noticed, I thrive on that kind of thing.  For example, at age 14, when I decided to become a vegetarian, I was told “let’s see how long that lasts”– well, it lasted two and a half years, plus I haven’t had beef in eight years.  So yeah….not at all concerned.

Want to join in on the fun?  Comment below and we can keep each other accountable!

Until next time–



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3 thoughts on “the blues.

  1. Sometimes it feels really good the cut back. While shopping is super fun (and I am definitely guilty of overdoing it), it can lose it’s luster if you do it too often. I did a no shopping challenge back in 2011 and it felt sooo good. I got really creative with my own closet because I could add anything new to create new outfits. Good luck on this :)

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