the one with the outfit planning.

Hi friends!!

It’s been awhile since we just chatted, am I right?  Figured now would be a good time to update you on how things are going in the grown-up world.

Let’s start with work.  Work is going much better nowadays.  I’ve been back at Lands’ End for just over four months now (insane, right?) and I actually switched positions about a month ago.  I now am the Assistant Merchant for women’s dresses and woven tops.  It’s been going very well and it’s a much better fit for me.  I really enjoy the people and the product I work with, so it’s definitely a win/win.  And going to a job where I don’t come home crying nearly every night is definitely a win in my book.  And speaking of work, this Thursday, May 22, is Lands’ End’s Annual Dress Day.  Since I’m now on the dresses team, I’ve gotten to do some work to help plan the event.  If you’d like to participate, just wear your favorite dress this Thursday (bonus points if it’s Lands’ End!) and post it to instagram or twitter tagging #LEDressDay.  It’s going to be pretty fun and I’m super excited!

In non-work related news, I’m moving! Yes, it’s just to the building across the parking lot– but it’s still exciting.  My friend Lauren from my internship last summer got a job at Lands’ End as well.  She starts next month and we managed to get a two-bedroom in my same complex starting June 1st!!  That’s right– I’m moving in two weeks.  I haven’t even thought about packing yet since I simply do not have the time at the moment, but it shouldn’t be too tough since I only have as much stuff that can fit into a studio.  It’ll be great to live with Lauren.  We get along well and it will save both of us a good chunk of change.  The unfortunate part of moving– besides the fact that I just did it– is getting to have the joy of contacting cable, internet, utilities, insurance, etc. again.  Especially when my cable didn’t get sorted out until about a month and a half ago.  Oh the joys of being an adult.  I have quite the to-do list for the next two weeks, so I really need to kick things into gear and get moving.

More recently, I just came off of a wonderful weekend in Iowa City.  My sister Mallory graduated from University of Iowa with her Masters.  Impressive, right?  After an obnoxiously long ceremony that involved a bit too much hooding for my liking, I got dinner with my sisters, parents, and grandparents.  It was great getting to see everyone.  Steph and I stayed at Mallory’s and had a sister day on Saturday.  We went shopping– and if you’re following my no-shopping challenge, you’d be pleased to know I showed an insane amount of self-control– and I helped both of my sister’s pick out some great pieces at LOFT.  Both of them are in the process of trying to redefine their styles and I was more than happy to help.  We had delicious Mexican for lunch and walked around downtown in the sunshine.  I couldn’t have asked for a better day.  Today, Mallory and I caught up on Grey’s Anatomy (you know, priorities) and went out for frozen yogurt before I headed back to Madison.  It’s always sad to leave Iowa since I hate leaving my family, but I’m extremely thankful I’m within driving distance of each of them.

Pre-graduation selfie with the sisters.

Pre-graduation selfie with the sisters.

So how have I been managing this all?  Well, a whole lot of planning.  Trying to stay on top of everything during the work week is tough, so I plan out each week every Sunday.  I make my t0-do list, plan my meals, plan out my blog posts, and I even plan out my outfits to eliminate the rush in the mornings.  I’ve found this to be extremely helpful in simplifying my morning routine.  It also helps me to be a little more creative with my wardrobe since I’m thinking about it further in advance.  In high school, when I’d plan out my outfits for the week (maybe this is why I don’t have friends?), I’d hang each one up in my room and just go down the line through the week.  Since I lack the space now, I take pictures of each outfit, so I can remember how I wanted to accessorize it.  Yes, it may sound a little tedious, but if you like to be organized and tend to wake up later than you’d like, this method would work wonders for you!

To get some ideas, here’s what I wore this week:






Until next time–



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