the prepster.


Hi there!

It’s funny how one’s environment dictates their style– and I don’t just mean the weather. When talking to my various friends who also work in fashion, we chat about our styles and how different they are based on the company we work at.  Even when working in retail, this holds true.  At Journey’s, all I wore was Converse, Vans, and Sperrys.  At Victoria’s Secret, I bought an obnoxious amount of half-zip sweatshirts and yoga pants.  Now, at Lands’ End, I’ve become the preppiest little merchant out there. Polos, tennis shoes, popped collars– you name it– I’ve done it.  A lot.

I despised the preps in high school, to be honest.  But it was because they wore all Hollister and were carbon copies of one another.  I never thought I would be caught dead in a polo, let alone a popped collar! But nowadays, my go-to is a sweater with an oxford underneath.  I love baseball caps and tennis shoes. Polo dresses and nautical stripes.  My favorite look has been “weekend at the Hamptons Kaylee”, and to be honest, this isn’t going away anytime soon.

Luckily for me, the prepster is an easy style to execute.  It’s casual and so comfortable.  I love the throw it on and go aspect.  It takes minimal effort to be put together and doesn’t require much accessorizing which is great for those busy mornings!






Gap Factory Sweater (similar) | Old Navy Khaki Shorts (similar) | Sleeveless Chambray (similar) | TOMS Classics | Ray Ban Clubmasters |  Madewell Ring | Assorted Bracelets

So am I totally nuts? Is the prep too much for your taste? Or not enough?

Until next time–



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