coral kick.


Oh hi there!

You know when you get super stressed out, you just get to a point where you are totally useless and just need to kick back and doing something you love to take your mind off it?  That’s me and that’s right now.  Blogging is a stress-reliever for me since I love to just sit down and type away for hours on end.  Now, I’m not going to spend hours typing today, since I do have a lot of things I need to get done this week, but I am looking forward to the next twenty minutes of doing nothing but typing in silence.

This past weekend, Mallory and Stephanie were supposed to visit me, but due to a last minute change of plans, I went to Davenport instead.  It was so gorgeous all weekend, so we went on many walks (and even a run!).   My sister lives by a park that is modeled off of Central Park– it’s much smaller, but quite cute.  We went for a stroll when I got into town.  I had worked earlier in the day, so I was still wearing my work outfit when I arrived.  Although I have free reign on my work wardrobe, I didn’t want to feel too “worky” for the rest of the day– so with a quick addition of a coral lip and clutch, I took my outfit from pretty and professional to breezy and bright.








Lands’ End Blouse | Express A-line Skirt (similar) | Vans Lo Pros | DIY Thread Wrap Belt | Target Wristlet (similar) | Assorted Rings | Gap Bracelet

Until next time–



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