diy: lampshade refashion

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It’s been quite awhile since I’ve had time to do a DIY, but my recent move inspired me to upcycle some of my things to better fit with my new apartment’s vibe.  I have gotten 70% of the things in my bedroom from Target, half of which are Nate Berkus.  My room is comprised of neutrals: ivory, black, brown, and pops of gold. I love it– it feels sophisticated, yet cozy.  Last summer, I had gotten an adorable floral lamp from Target for just $8, but it didn’t seem to fit with any of my stuff.  After perusing Pinterest for some inspiration, I decided to cover mine with ribbon rather than fabric.  Luckily, this DIY is extremely easy and requires very few supplies!

Ribbon Lampshade Refashion

Time // 40 minutes

Difficulty level // Easy



– Lampshade

– Ribbon (I used 4 total spools; 2 ivory, 1 gold, 1 black)

– Hot glue gun + glue refills

– Scissors

– Optional: Paint + paint brush


For starters, if you have a lampshade with some sort of pattern on it or are using a more sheer ribbon, you may want to paint the lampshade first.  I used ivory ribbon and the floral pattern showed right through, so I did two coats of white paint before starting.  In retrospect, I should have done 3-4 coats, since the floral shows through when the light is turned on.  Oh well– may you learn from my mistake!

1. Cut pieces of ribbon that are roughly 3/4″ longer than the height of your lampshade.  You want them to be long enough that you can fold the edges over the top and bottom when you glue!  Depending on the width of your ribbon and the size of your shade, you’ll need a varying amount (I used roughly 60 pieces).


2. Now for the more time-consuming part– hot glue the top edge of your ribbon, curving it around the top of your shade as you press it down.  Then, hot glue the bottom edge, doing the same thing.  Make sure you pull it tightly as you glue the bottom edge, so the ribbon doesn’t gape out on the shade.



3.  If you just want a solid color all the way around, then just repeat the motions for the full circumference of the shade and you’re done! I wanted to get a little stripe action in mine, so every 5th ribbon, I placed a color block of black or gold, alternating between the two.  *Note that if you have a shade that angles out from top to bottom, you’ll have to overlap the ribbons along the top rim in order for them to line up along the bottom.



4.  At this point, you may be satisfied.  But, if you’d like to spruce it up just a hair more, tie a ribbon around the width of the shade.  I crafted a bow from a leftover scrap of black and hot glued it on.  Easy-peasy!




Pretty cute, eh?  If you move pretty quickly, this could easily take just 20-25 minutes.  I was multi-tasking while watching Grey’s Anatomy on Netflix, so it took me a little longer.  Conveniently, it doesn’t require 100% of your attention, so it’s a great DIY to squeeze into a busy to-do list.

Until next time–



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