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Hi there!

Happy Sunday! I just got back from a short weekend trip to Milwaukee for my Cool Uncle Tom’s 50th birthday party.  They just built a new house on the lake and it was incredible.  I even got to go out on a boat for the first time this morning! It was a fun, relaxing weekend surrounded by family, card games, and good food.

Time is just flying and it’s hard to believe that just a week ago, I got back from my Colorado vacation.  On our last day in Denver, my dad, sister and I explored downtown and went to a Rockies game (although I was rooting for the Twins!).  I wanted to stay comfortable since the weather was a little ominous and we’d be leaving after the Rockies game for an 11 hour drive home.  I mixed a few of my basics to create a sort of effortless grungy-prep (if that’s even a thing).








American Eagle Denim Jacket | American Eagle Boyfriend ShortsJ. Crew Baseball Hat | Gap Tee | TOMS Classics | Ray Ban Clubmasters | Target Satchel (similar)

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