goodbye, summer


Hello and Happy Labor Day!

I’m personally enjoying my day off with a little relaxation, a bit of cleaning, some grocery shopping, and of course, blogging.  I apologize for being a bit MIA the past few weeks– I’ve been just dropping in here and there.  There are really two reasons for this.  1.  Currently, my job has taken over my life.  Due to recent circumstances, I’ve been working an unhealthy amount of time (AKA– 60 hours this past week) and haven’t had much time to blog, let alone sleep.  And 2.  I’m working on a blog redesign, which will transfer pleatsandpearls to a different platform.  I’m pretty excited for the change, but it’s definitely taking some time to get my content transferred over.  My good friend, Anna, has graciously offered to help me with the design portion, which is a huge weight off my shoulders.  But, in the near future, we’ll be hopping over to a brand new platform– when I get an idea of when, I’ll be posting on here to let you all know where to move over to.

As summer is winding down, I’m making my best effort to get my last summer outfits in.  Although my work style has completely transitioned over to fall  (as the air conditioning is ALWAYS cranked), my weekend style is still holding on to that last thread of summer.  For a humid evening at the terrace, I paired an easy Oxford popover with my favorite boyfriend shorts and some shimmery sandals.  Don’t get me wrong– I love the fall.  It’s the best season by far, but I will miss my leggy-looks I’ve been donning for the past few months.  Oh well, until next year.

As much as I love fall, I will miss summer nights at the terrace with these guys.









J. Crew Popover | American Eagle Boyfriend Shorts | Zooshoo Sandals | New York & Company Aviators | Francesca’s Watch | Lauren Conrad Bracelets | Assorted Rings

Until next time–



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