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Oh hi there!

Happy Friday! I’m always so chipper on Fridays, which is ironic, since it’s the day I’m running on the least amount of sleep from the whole week.  I’m rewarding myself for the insane amount of time I’ve been working lately by taking a small trip home this weekend.  I miss my kitties, so the 4 hr+ drive will be worth it.  I’m excited to see my dad and my sisters for a few days– and I’m especially excited for the weather!  It’s supposed to be mid 70s and sunny.  Perfect fall weather.

Now before people start throwing out all that “basic white girl” crap, I’d like to say that fall has been my favorite season before it was cool to have fall as your favorite season.  And yes, I like pumpkin spice lattes, but I like everything pumpkin and always have.  So with that aside, fall is the best 2-3 months of the year for me for every reason: the weather, the food, the colors, the sports, and the fashion.  I have a field day wearing ankle boots, sweaters, oxfords, scarves, and aviators every day of the week.  My most recent addition to my fall wardrobe is my brand new (and longly coveted) military jacket from J. Crew.  This olive jacket of perfection is the completer piece for fall.  It literally looks good with just about everything, while being both fun and sophisticated.  I donned it for the first time with my favorite boyfriend jeans and a stripe tee for an ultra-casual weekend style.

Also, check out my first ever manicure.  I was pretty stoked.








J. Crew Field Jacket | Gap Sexy Boyfriend Jeans | Old Navy Stripe Tee | Ray Ban Clubmasters | Target Studded Flats | American Eagle Leather Bracelet (similar) | LOFT Braided Bracelet | Assorted Rings

I’m off to work and a weekend of family and fall.

Until next time–



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