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Oh hey there!

I’m going to preface this post for those of you who don’t know me personally– I am not a stuck-up or self absorbed person. I am, however, extremely sarcastic and my humor is often self-deprecating.  I’ve always put more value on my clothing than my actual physical appearance, so when I have a day that I feel smokin’– it’s because of my killer outfit.  So that being said– from time to time, when I’m feeling pretty fancy, I put on my not-at-all-humble, Ron Burgundy face and shout things like “I LOOK GOOOOD” and “EVERYONE! COME SEE HOW GOOD I LOOK!”  On semi-rare occasions such as these, people probably think I’m just obsessed with myself; but I’m really just obsessed with my outfit.

Just last week, I got my new midi skirt in the mail from eShakti, an adorable online boutique that does custom sizing– so this skirt was made just for me.  (I feel like you can probably see where this story is heading.)  

also recently headed down to the company store at work and managed to get a cashmere sweater and a mixed pearl necklace for just $17.50– yes, you read that right.  My new 100% cashmere sweater was ten dollars. TEN! Mind being blown aside, you likely can imagine how fabulous of an outfit/day I was in for.

So when I paired up my custom fit, pleated midi skirt with my new cashmere sweater– well, let’s just let some direct quotes speak for themselves.


Me: “I look like I could be a first lady or something.”

Lauren: “Flawless.”

Me: “I feel like a damn princess. I bet that little girl thinks I’m a princess.”

Mom of Little Girl to Little Girl: “Yes, her outfit is very cute.”

Me: “It’s official. I’m a princess.”

Like I said, I get a little out of hand when I love my outfit.  But I still stand by what I said– I felt sophisticated and feminine in my perfect skirt and luxury sweater.  No shame.  When you feel that fabulous and confident, you’re allowed to scream it loud and scream it proud.









Lands’ End Cashmere Sweater | eShakti Midi Skirt (similar) | Lands’ End Mixed Pearl Necklace | ZooShoo Sandals | Target Wristlet (similar) | Gap Bangle | Forever 21 Sunglasses (similar

Please tell me I’m not the only one who gets a little crazily confident wearing a new outfit.

Until next time–



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