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Oh hello!  As if I don’t say this every Friday, but thank you sweet baby Jesus, it’s Friday.  Today is an exciting day because my best friend from college, Mary, is coming to visit and will be here this afternoon!  I’m so excited to see her and show her around Madison.  Today is also very bittersweet – but let me give you a little background first. On Sunday, I adopted a cat named Luna.  She is about 4 years old and is FIV+.  She had been at the shelter for 8 months.  I naturally, could not resist.  I found out after I took her home that I could not have her at my apartment unless she was front declawed, which she is not.  Her surgery is today, and needless to say, there was a lot of crying this week.  So I am so excited to see my best friend today, but I’m so sad that Luna is staying at the vet overnight and has to go through the pain of this surgery.


Isn’t she precious?

On to fashion. Over the weekend, temperatures heated up, so the shorts came back out.  What’s ironic is that it is forecasted to snow tomorrow, but nevertheless, it was summer temperatures last weekend, so I dressed appropriately.  For the unusually warm lazy Saturday, I played it cool in a plaid popover and boyfriend shorts.  Even on these warmer days, I’m still too invested in the fact that it’s fall, so I’m often compromising.  I still want to wear my fall clothes, but I choose my most lightweight options in order to stand up to the heat.  I know people will want to throw something at me for saying it, but I’m kind of excited for this weekend’s cool down.






J. Crew Plaid Popover | American Eagle Boyfriend Shorts | Target Studded Flats | J. Crew Factory Peacock Feather Earrings | BCBGeneration Affirmation Bracelet | Old Navy Initial Necklace

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