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Hi friends!

I recently switched platforms and moved over to squarespace.  In that transition, I lost my domain of pleatsandpearls.com and am now pleatsandpearls.squarespace.com – annoying, I know!

So if you enjoyed the fabulous and fun content from my wordpress, I’m sure you’ll love it just as much on squarespace.  And hey– on squarespace when you “like” a post, hearts come bursting out of it on the screen.  If that’s not enough reason to keep following along, I don’t know what is!

Here is my new domain:


So now that you have it, favorite it, so you don’t lose me– and follow along!  I swear I’m just as awkwardly funny (and punny) as before.

This will be my face when you all follow me over to my new home.

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 See you there!


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Oh hey there!

Over the weekend, my sisters and I were talking about our “signature color”– AKA the color we look best in.  It’s funny, because people tend to know this about themselves, but I had absolutely no idea.  I knew the colors I look bad in: yellow, bright greens, white, pink, etc.  I also knew the colors I wore the most: grey, navy, black, and tan.  But were these colors actually the ones I looked best in? Who knows?  I think it was decided that Mal looks best in purple, Steph in Blue, and me in neutrals.  So it was pretty convenient that I happened to be wearing tan sweater as that was decided.  It’d be rather unfortunate if it was agreed upon that I look awful in neutrals– because 95% of the time, there’s nothing I’d rather wear.

So for my very neutral ensemble, I layered a long, oatmeal heather sweater over a chambray button down with boyfriend shorts and leather ankle boots.  My touches of color came from my multi-color German socks (yes– knitted by a genuine German grandmother!), burgundy satchel, and YSL lipstick.  Some may call my lack of color in my wardrobe boring, but I really wouldn’t have it any other way.  There is something very sophisticated and easy about neutrals, that is harder to attain with a lot of color.








Gap Long Sweater (similar) | AE Boyfriend Shorts (similar) | Sleeveless Chambray (similar via Old Navy) | Ray Ban Clubmasters | River Island Ankle Boots (similar via Steve Madden) | Old Navy Initial Necklace | J. Crew Factory Leather Bracelet | Lauren Conrad Flower Earrings | Assorted Madewell Rings

Until next time–



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autumn apple picking

Happy Sunday!

If you’re also in the Midwest, I’m sure you’ve been loving this weather lately about as much as I am.  Last Sunday was particularly exceptional.  The Packers were playing, the sun was out, and my friends were coming over.  I cooked– you heard that right– and we watched the Packers slaughter the Panthers.  I made Buffalo Chicken Dip and BBQ Chicken Calzones, which were a total hit.  If you don’t know me, I’m not much of a cook/baker– so when I make something that people seem to not hate and they completely polish it off with no leftovers, I’d call that a success!



After the game, the four of us headed to a nearby apple orchard to pick some apples.  Unfortunately, it is a little late in the season to do so and there were hardly any apples left.  So, we spent a whole lot of time walking down empty rows of apple trees, searching for the occasional apple that was left at the top.  Kast would throw a dead apple to knock down the good one, giving us the few apples we were able to pick.  Regardless, it was a fun, fall day which ended with apple pie at the orchard.








This weekend, I’m back in Iowa at my sister’s.  The weather is so gorgeous and I got to bust out my shorts again today!  This October is shaping up rather nicely.  This week, stay tuned for a new fashion fix and a Halloween inspired DIY.

Until next time–



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the perfect trench


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Hi there!

I’m not sure what it is lately, but my creativity is seriously lacking.  I’ve been spending an obnoxious amount of time writing my posts, when I used to be able to spit them out so easily.  It might be because I’m writing less overall, since I’m out of school– but whatever it is, I hope it ends soon.  Yes, getting inspiration for a post has been tough, as you might expect.  But naming the posts?  I honestly should just hire out that task because I’m nearly incapable of coming up with something catchy nowadays.  Let’s just say this post sat at “Hi there!” for about 30 minutes.  And it was nearly named “Wench in a Trench.”  Well, at least I still have a sense of humor.

Anyway, I’ll get right down to it!  Coats are having a bit of a fashion moment.  Growing up, I remember I hated wearing a coat and I would reluctantly wear it only after my mom forced me to, because, well, it was likely snowing.  I always hated coats because they were ruining my outfit.  Lately, coats are not only super stylish, but also the outfit completer for any kind of weather.  Fall is arguably the best seasons for coats across the board.  The chilly weather is perfect for leather, military, field, and denim jackets, as well as the timeless and classic trench coat.  Trench coats are a staple for every professional’s wardrobe.  They’re classic, modest, and go with just about everything– working for both work and weekends.  I love my khaki trench since it can transform a casual outfit into something much more sophisticated.

I recently wore mine on a chilly fall day with my (new!) elbow-patched sweater, denim, and ankle boots.  And naturally, it wouldn’t be fall if I didn’t complete my look with a plaid scarf.







Target Trench Coat | J. Crew Factory Elbow Patch Sweater | Gap Always Skinny Jeans | Gap Plaid Scarf (similar) | Madewell Charley Ankle Boot

Well, until next time–



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lazy girl’s guide to fall fashion: part one


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Oh hey there!

I know what you’re thinking– lazy girl’s guide to fall? Sign me up!  I’m the same way.  I would be lying if I said that I didn’t love the details that go into polishing the perfect fall ensemble– but believe me when I say that at least 1-2 days a week, I am pretty useless in the mornings and require comfort.  Somedays, it’s just too much effort to even put on jeans, let alone layer up an oxford with a sweater.  Contrary to popular belief, comfort does not always mean sacrificing style.  Thanks to the recently popular drapey soft pants, lazy girls everywhere can rejoice; they’re a perfect option for not only looking like you’re on your style A-game, but also feeling like you’re in sweatpants all day.

For my laziest of days, I start with my navy soft pant.  Mine are from Old Navy (less than $30!!), but still ultra refined. Next, I put on a top that can elevate the pant a bit– I went with my favorite oxford popover from J. Crew (on sale right now!).  It’s super comfy, but looks a bit dressier.  Lastly, I throw on my huge plaid scarf – my go-to for fall/winter – and easy ankle boots.  And that’s it.  So easy, right?  Simple, mindless styling that any gal can manage in the mornings.  The key is to pair your casual item with something that looks a little more refined to look put together, no matter how little effort you give.








J. Crew Factory Collarless Popover | Old Navy Drapey Pants | Gap Cozy Plaid Scarf (similar) | Gap Factory Ankle Boots | Assorted Madewell Rings

Until next time–



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